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Wellcome Fellow Fuckfaces


Listen to the Audio:

If your here, Go to my audio portal. This is not a request, listen to something. Don't like it get out.

Hit Me UP:

You wanna work together? Like a song? Want to tell me about your abusive uncle? Then send me a message, don't dilly dally. Looking at the "send message" button for 5 minutes before coping out like a tease. Fuck, even if all you want is a certin sound in one of my songs for sampling Ill oblige. Don't be a puss.


Enjoy what you hear. Download, Rate, Favorite become a fan. I enjoy what I make. You should be able to find something for you.


Newgrounds is the best place for finding real musical talent, I listen too new works on this site everyday. If you got love for NG I got love for you.